7 Reasons You Should Rent a Mechanical Surfboard Ride

mechanical surfboard ride

If you’ve never seen a mechanical surfboard ride before, then you are definitely missing out! Similar to the mechanical bull but with a much more creative twist, the mechanical surfboard ride is the perfect addition to any Florida party event. Sure to get your party guests talking and laughing while testing their balance, the mechanical surfboard ride can make your next party one to remember.

Party Events Suitable For the Mechanical Surfboard Ride

So just what type of party would you rent the mechanical surfboard ride for? Here are a few great ideas!

1. The end of school and beginning of summer break party is one of our favorite reasons to break out the mechanical surfboard ride here at Florida Party Works!

2. Birthday parties are another great occasion to bring the surfboard onto the scene. Perfect for keeping energetic partygoers occupied without the creepiness of hiring a clown!

3. Fundraisers are also the ideal time to break out the mechanical surfboard! It not only gets everyone in the mood for fun, but you can charge ride fees and save up the takings for a donation to your cause!

4. Having an awareness event? Whether you’re trying to bring awareness to the importance of exercise or the joy of adding sports to your life, the mechanical surfboard is the perfect way to spark an interest in guests at your event! Plus, it’s a great way for future athletes to work on their coordination and practice for their newest athletic interests!

5. Summer fetes also make the ideal place to set up the mechanical surfboard ride! Add the surfboard to your event and it adds that little something extra that will draw in the crowds and make your event even more popular in the community!

6. Having a back to school or end of summer party? Well, what better way to celebrate the closing of the summer season than on a giant surfboard? We can’t think of any! Help the kids to forget about the upcoming school year and revel in one last day of summer fun as they try to keep their balance on the fun to ride mechanical surfboard!

7. We had never heard of dare parties before recently, but all over the world, people are holding parties where they challenge each other to face their fears. Whether it’s heading to the top of a ladder or letting those creepy crawlies climb all over you, the mechanical surfboard is the perfect way to cut the tension and help everyone to relax as they contemplate joining the ranks of guests who have faced down their fears!

Ready to Rent the Mechanical Surfboard Ride?

If you’re ready to rent the mechanical surfboard ride for your next big event, just pick up the phone and give Florida Party Works a call! You can reach us at (386) 562-8442. Oh, and if the surfboard theme isn’t perfect for your party, ask about our other Florida party ride rentals to find one that is!