Rent the Florida Party Works Mechanical Bull Ride!

mechanical bull ride

A mechanical bull ride is the perfect opportunity to add that extra something to your next party or event. Whether you’re planning a fundraiser or a birthday party, renting a mechanical bull from Florida Party Works will make your party the talk of the town!

Rent the Florida Party Works Mechanical Bull Ride!

So, you’re thinking about renting a mechanical bull ride for your next event but you’re not sure if it’s the right choice for your event?

Here at Florida Party Works, our mechanical bull ride is one of our most popular rentals. Why? Because for party hosts it makes their party the one that everyone remembers. For party guests, it adds something different, something fun, and something dynamic to the day.

Not sure whether it’s the right choice for your party though?

We have had clients rent our mechanical bull ride for a variety of Florida events!

  • Birthday parties are just more exciting with the mechanical bull ride at the center of the action! The birthday boy or birthday girl will be thrilled with this party addition and their friends won’t be able to wait until next year’s event!
  • Bachelor and bachelorette parties are made a little crazier with the bull on the scene. Your party will be filled with squeals of delight as the bride to be has a crazy spin before her big day!
  • Housewarming parties are the perfect time to plant the mechanical bull in the center of your new backyard! Add a little more fun to an already fun occasion while watching your friends getting thrown off the bull!
  • Holding a charity fundraiser? Selling tickets to the mechanical bull ride is a great way to raise a few extra bucks for your favorite cause. Not sure about charging for tickets? The mechanical bull is still the perfect draw to get more people to your event.
  • Having a street fair or awareness event? Rent the mechanical bull and you’ll have plenty of people showing up to fill out the street! More attendees mean more sales and more awareness for your cause.
  • New Year’s Eve is one of our favorite times to break out the mechanical bull ride. During a time when everyone is already excited beyond belief, the mechanical bull adds that extra something special.
  • Having a Christmas party? Get everyone in a jolly mood by having Santa take a spin on the mechanical bull! Santa not up for the job? Well, offer up rides for everyone on the naughty list instead!
  • Arranging a sleepover? If you’re up for spoiling your sleepover guests a mechanical bull ride is the perfect way to do that! Just make sure that the pizza comes after the ride starts up or you’ll have a little cleaning up to do!
  • Sorority party or Fraternity party coming up? We all know that a mechanical bull would make the event something that stands out from those other parties, just be sure that any drinking takes place AFTER the bull rides!
  • Hosting a singles mingle? What better way to get people to connect with each other than throwing them on the back of a mechanical bull and pushing them to drop their guard?
  • Is it time for a backyard BBQ for July 4th? The bull is a must have while you wait for those fireworks to start letting off.

Cinco de Mayo, Boxing Day, Christmas in July, the start of football season, celebrating the playoffs, your team won the World Series?, celebrating Mardi Gras, getting together for Valentine’s day, keeping everyone busy before the Thanksgiving turkey is ready?

The party possibilities are endless and you don’t have to worry about safety because all of our rides are fully insured and are operated by a trained ride operator! That means that you never have to worry about how to operate the ride or the safety of your guests when they’re on it! You can just sit back and enjoy the party while your guests talk about how amazing their day was for years to come…or at least until you hold the same event next year!

Ready to Rent the Mechanical Bull Ride From Florida Party Works?

If you’re ready to rent the mechanical bull ride from Florida Party Works it’s time to pick up the phone and give us a call! You can reach us at (386) 562-8442, but hurry and call now because this baby gets booked far in advance!